Housing Solutions Change Programme: Training modules evaluation report from the ihub Place, Home and Housing portfolio

Housing Solutions Change Programme cover

This report by Healthcare Improvement Scotland focuses on the work carried out between March 2018 and March 2019 to jointly train practitioner trainers from health and social care partnerships and housing partners, to equip them with the skills and knowledge, to then deliver this training programme within their own locations, and evidence the benefits this has delivered.

Following on from the Scottish Government’s Adapting for Change improvement programme, which sought to improve practice in housing adaptations, Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s Improvement Hub (ihub) commissioned the development of the Housing Solutions change programme, to embed the learning, and ensure practitioners involved in the housing adaptations process had the skills they need to help people make informed decisions about their homes. Housing Solutions is a preventative tool that helps anticipate housing needs, and assists with early planning, to avoid crisis which fits in with strategic objectives around early intervention, prevention and integration.