Housing Guide


This housing how to guide, funded by NHS England and produced (and published) by Learning Disability England, gives people access to information on their housing rights and choices, and will help them plan for what kind of housing is right for them and their family.

The guide is divided into 8 parts:

  • Making your own housing plan
  • Different housing options
  • Rights for housing and support
  • Quality and legal issues
  • Paying for your home
  • Paying for living costs
  • What can help you move
  • People’s stories and examples

Most of the information in this guide is aimed at autistic people and people with a learning disability who have paid support from health and social care and are thinking about where they would like to live.

However, many parts of the housing guide will be helpful to people with other health and social care needs as well, as well as family members, carers and paid supporters.