Homes for All: A Vision for England’s Housing System

Homes for all: A vision for England's housing system COVER

This report by the Church of England and Nationwide Foundation seeks to address an underlying, fundamental problem: housing is a long-term issue, yet England does not have a strategy. Written by CaCHE, the report proposes what a long-term vision might include, what that new form of governance could look like, and what shape a housing strategy might take, including in relation to older adults.

With regard to the latter, it highlights:

  • the proportion of people experiencing high housing costs, and housing-related poverty, in older age, noting that between 2011 and 2021, the number of older households living in a private rented home increased by 55%. It also points out the number is likely to increase further in the coming decade as more households reach retirement age while still renting privately.
  • too many houses in England are poorly insulated and expensive to heat. The consequence is poor quality homes that can become dangerous places of excess cold, damp, and hazards, especially affecting older residents.

And on design and good quality housing, it recommends:

  • the minimum standards of lifetime accessibility of new homes should be raised to ensure additional homes are fit-for-purpose for the long-term.
  • Good quality housing is fundamentally preventative and reduces the fiscal burden in other policy areas. Delivering better outcomes from a coherent well-functioning system would offer a broad range of health, economic and social benefits that extend far beyond bricks and mortar.