Homes For Healthy Ageing: Challenges, Opportunities And The Way Forward

Cover HIP Homes for Healthy Ageing

This report by the Connected Places Catapult looks into the multi-faceted nature of both ageing and housing and how both are interconnected. It points to a number of key challenges facing the industry in creating homes that support healthy ageing have been distilled into five themes. These are:

  • Health and care – how can this be best integrated with later-life housing?
  • Accessibility and community – what does best practice look like?
  • Adapting home – what is holding back a faster rollout of enabling adaptations?
  • Moving home – what are the drivers and drags for the elderly?
  • Affordability – the challenge of the ‘missing middle’ of affordable properties.

The report also explores the potential of later-life housing, the benefits of bringing change and related policies and funding, as well as highlighting those innovations that have the potential to address the outlined challenges.