High Impact Change model on reducing hospital admissions

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The Local Government Association (LGA) have published a useful new high impact change model on the actions to take to reduce preventable admissions to hospital and long-term care. It aims to support local care, health, and wellbeing partners to work together to prevent, delay or divert the need for acute hospital or long-term bed-based care.

The five high impact changes are set as follows:

  • Change 1: Population health management approach to identifying those most at risk 
  • Change 2: Target and tailor interventions and support for those most at risk 
  • Change 3: Practise effective multi-disciplinary working 
  • Change 4: Educate and empower individuals to manage their health and wellbeing 
  • Change 5: Provide a coordinated and rapid response to crises in the community 

Each section of the model includes tips, case studies and links to existing resources and national guidance, including reference to housing and some of the work of the Housing LIN (opens new window), as well as a self-assessment which supports local health and care system leaders to consider the strengths, areas for development and gaps in their local community model.