Hidden renters: The unseen faces of the rising older rental wave

Hidden Renters cover

This report, published by Independent Age, explores the precarious reality of renting in later life.

Their research shows that older renters are at a greater risk of facing poverty. Many have limited choices and live in unacceptable circumstances, fearing risk of eviction. 

Independent Age calls for UK government to commit to:

  • Passing the Renters (Reform) Bill with longer eviction notices, better protection for people on benefits and measures to raise the standards of homes in the private rented sector
  • Uprating Local Housing Allowance to ensure it covers at least the rent of the cheapest 30% of the local private rental market and to ensure that it is uprated annually to reflect changes in rents
  • Providing local authorities with the power to moderate and cap in-tenancy rent increases
  • Increasing government investment in social housing
  • Giving more powers and funding to local authorities to improve enforcement of existing laws