Henry - enabling choice and control

Henry is 85 and moved into sheltered housing four years ago. Two years ago he started to show signs of dementia and a GP assessment confirmed this. The GP suggested to Henry's daughter that he might be better off in a residential home but Henry wanted to stay put but was concerned that he was losing contact with friends. During discussions with a support worker employed by the housing provider about his past and future he said that he missed his life in the Army, which had provided routine, a social life and fitness regime.

Following a fall Henry attended an eight-week rehabilitation programme, which he enjoyed. To improve his fitness further he was encouraged by the support worker to join a chair based exercise class offered to resident of the sheltered housing. As Henry's mobility improved he was motivated to improve his fitness further and was encouraged by his family and a support worker to consider joining a local gym. Henry was keen on the gym but concerned about the cost.

Henry's dementia meant that he was having increasing difficulty with cleaning his flat and showering. Social services assessed Henry's needs and he was provided with a personal budget in the form of a Direct Payment. From this he was able to pay for gym membership and for a care worker to help him at home and accompany him to the gym. His health is much improved and his confidence and self-esteem have been boosted.