Growing Older Together: The Case for Housing that is Shaped and Controlled by Older People

This Housing LIN Case Study Report argues that we need to develop more housing that is shaped and controlled by older people themselves. Housing of this kind has a proven appeal to older people and it is of increasing interest and relevance to a new generation of active, independent-minded older people, who are attracted to the idea of 'growing older together'.

Drawing on recent research, the report describes the specific appeal of resident controlled housing for older people and it shows how such housing contributes to older people's well-being. Six exemplary case studies describe a variety of established and planned schemes; both for ownership or for rent and with differing models of governance and management. It ends with a summary of developments that are in progress; many of which are at the grass roots level. The report challenges policy makers and commissioners, including local authorities, to promote and support co-operative and mutual housing developments for older people and it calls for mainstream developers and providers to invest in innovative and progressive developments of this type.