Getting off the ground: Bungalow living - an attractive alternative for downsizers?

This Housing LIN Viewpoint No 62 looks at the viability of a revival of the bungalow as a desirable, affordable option which could attract older people to downsize from a family house.

There is little choice for older people who want to make their last house move into a dwelling that is future proof. The majority of owner-occupiers live in a 3-bed home; couples want space from each other as they spend more time in the home rather than out at work, spare rooms are used for hobbies and to accommodate visits from children and grandchildren and they want space for their treasured possessions. It is hardly surprising therefore that a 2-bed flat seems a step too far. The best housing for older people in later life increases wellbeing, reduces care home admissions and offers major savings to the health service. However, the amount of such stock is reducing in proportion to the rapid increase in older people.