Making the funding system of supported housing work for all people with a learning disability: Specialised Supported Housing


This report from Mencap, written by the Housing LIN, shows that at a time of rising demand, specialised supported housing is a cost-effective way of providing homes for people who would otherwise be stuck in inpatient units or living in residential care, highlighting how important that independence is to people with a learning disability.

It sets out a series of recommendations to transform the range of housing options for people with complex needs, ensure operating viability and retain investor confidence in the sector.

The demand for SHH properties is anticipated to reach 25,500 – 33,500 units by 2021/22. Despite rent for SHH generally being higher than some other forms of supported housing, the research found that SHH is a cost-effective way of providing housing to those with complex needs, given that it attracts no or only very limited public funding.