From Stabilisation to Innovation: The Responses and Redesign of TEC Services during Covid-19

This TSA insight report contains the findings and recommendations from a 3 month stakeholder engagement programme during the early months of the response phase of the Covid-19 crisis. It captures a number of case studies across telecare and telehealth that demonstrates how the TEC sector rapidly mobilised to improve and redesign its services to support vulnerable people, including within assisted living. In particular, it showcases a 3 phase approach to:

  1. stabilise existing TEC services
  2. best exploit proactive TEC services to shield the most vulnerable, increase care capacity and improve operating models.
  3. embed new service and technology interventions.

With regard to the latter, on assisted housing, it recommends that operators should pursue a roadmap towards digital infrastructure, enabling access to remote support through access to modern technology options, and perhaps including site-wide WIFI.