Exploring the economic value embedded in housing built to universal design principles

Cover_Exploring the economic value housing built to universal principles

Bridging the gap between public placemaking and private residential housing.

This report by the RMIT Centre for Urban Research and the Longevity Group Australia Ltd explores the public value implicit in housing incorporating universal design principles.

Value is conceptually demonstrated by identifying housing design and location attributes, associated with increases in ageing well outcomes via the reduction in the need for, the level of, and the time spent on care to support ageing in place.

To do this a survey instrument is developed to capture the experiential knowledge of in home care service providers and their observations of the impact of the home on the ageing well outcomes of the seniors they care for and also on their capacity to provide care. The authors find that certain housing design and location feature have value that extends beyond that experienced solely by its residents, facilitating community capacity and social engagement, physical wellbeing and ease of delivery of public services such as care support.