Examining the effects of COVID-19 lockdown on wellbeing among older adults

Research paper cover

This article, published by the Journal of Aging Studies in Science Direct, shares the impact of COVID-19 lockdown measures on older residents' social connections and everyday wellbeing within housing schemes that provide care and support in England and Wales, with reference to use of technology. 

This paper highlights: 

  • COVID-19 lockdowns challenged the independence and autonomy of older residents of housing with care in the UK.
  • Older adults in housing with care exercised autonomy through employing practices to maintain social connections.
  • Housing staff bolstered residents' autonomy, facilitated social interactions, and supported residents' wellbeing.
  • Housing staff faced challenges in maintaining the independent ethos of housing schemes whilst also protecting residents.

These findings apply both to COVID-19 and the broader understanding of how housing with care for older people must navigate between autonomy and support.