Evidence review of home adaptations in the UK and other OECD countries

Evidence review of home adaptations in the UK and other OECD countries cover

This review is one part of The Adaptations Policy and Practice Programme, co-ordinated by the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE) and involving collaborations with the University of Stirling, Age Scotland, Horizon Housing Association, and the Housing Associations’ Charitable Trust (HACT), focusing on understanding the academic evidence and policy landscape behind home adaptations.

There are four complementary research activities including this evidence review, led by Dr Yang Wang, which focuses mainly on scholarly articles and indexed book chapters published after 2000, as the first step in outlining key evidence around, and knowledge about, home adaptations.

The main objective of this review was to provide overview of what they know about home adaptations, examining the latest knowledge advancement, identifying gaps for future research, and informing policy and practice. They directed their enquires of the literature following three questions:

  1. Who need home adaptations?
  2. How are home adaptations placed and what works or would work as examples of good practices?
  3. What are the outcomes of home adaptations?

This led to the development of a three-dimensional framework – Client, Process and Outcome – which can accommodate the old, new and growing evidence, themes and theories of home adaptations.