Enabling Independence - Design Guide for Independent Living

The Design Guide was compiled by Sunderland City Council (SCC), Health Housing and Adult Services Directorate in 2011 and has been regularly updated to include good practice and evidence of learning. Its aim is to aid discussion with housing and developer partners who want to build older persons housing in the City. SCC want to encourage an agreed 'minimum' standard of design within the supported accommodation developed in the City which in turn, will support pre planning conversations at an early stage within the development process and ultimately provide a good quality housing product for our customers, which is designed to meet a range of diverse needs.

The Design Guide is now at Version 8 and has been shared with a number of local authorities across the Country. Its most recent review was undertaken in April 2013. The Design Guide now provides a significant amount of information relating to designing for dementia which demonstrates SCC's learning through the extra care housing development programme.