Digital working in adult social care: What Good Looks Like

Digital working in adult social care cover

The Department of Health and Social Care released Guidance for care providers and local authorities on What Good Looks Like (WGLL) for digital working in adult social care as part of their work to achieve their ambitions for digital transformation as set out in People at the Heart of Care.

WGLL for adult social care aims to bring the needs of local authorities and care providers into one coherent piece of guidance to develop an understanding of what they need to do to work well digitally.

This guidance builds on the NHS England What Good Looks Like framework, which provides clear guidance across 7 success measures for health and care leaders to digitise, connect and transform services safely and securely.

Alongside this, the Digital Skills Framework (opens new window) provides a structure in which new skills can be developed. This will ensure innovative technology is being put to the best possible use to enhance care.