Digital Switchover Business Case


The Local Government Association has created an online guide to support councils to develop their business case for the migration of telecare services from analogue to digital. It encourages them and their partners to think about risks, benefits and costs that can occur during the shift from analogue to digital telephone lines by the end of 2025.

While not housing specific, it will be of importance to specialist/supported housing providers who also currently operate telecare and other housing management, care and/or support services for their residents/customers.

The guide includes useful sections on:

  • Structuring a business case
  • Key steps to consider when moving to digital telecare
  • Benefits of digital telecare
  • Effects on services should telecare fail
  • Effects on costs should telecare fail
  • A financial checklist
  • Other resources

For more about the impact on the specialist/supported housing sector, check out our Smart Housing/Telecare pages we and/or our TAPPI (Technology for our Ageing Population: Panel for Innovation) pages.