Designing Homes for Healthy Cognitive Ageing – Hints and Tips booklet

Cover DesHCA hints and tips

This booklet by the University of Stirling’s Designing Homes for Cognitive Ageing (DesHCA) project is intended to help you understand the basics of ageing and dementia friendly design, setting out a path for dementia-friendly housing design that can be incorporated into designing new housing or improving an existing property.

The booklet has been developed as a resource for anyone who wants to take practical steps towards making their home more supportive and accessible for people living with cognitive change.  This includes dementia-accessible features such as colour, contrast, patterns, lighting as well as useful hints and tips about the physical design/layout of entrances and rooms in a home. It is based on academic research drawing on the lived experience of people with dementia and informed by the work of the ESRC funded DesHCA project on Designing Homes for Healthy Cognitive Ageing project.