Design Age Ideas No.1-4

Design Age Ideas No.1-4 COVER

The Design Age Ideas series aims to help piece together the puzzle of ageing well by bringing together the work of the Royal College of Art's Design Age Institute, their partners and external findings into content that provokes further curiosity and critical engagement with how we design for age.

By 2043, 1 in every 4 people in the U.K. will be age 65+, making designing for our future selves more urgent than ever. This first series of four ideas begins with 'Undoing Ageism', exploring ageism in the U.K. and how negative views on ageing limit our ability to use design to achieve positive outcomes.

The report continues with three fruther sections. 'Blame the Design' shows how design impacts our health and happiness so we can identify when poor design is making the puzzle more difficult to solve. 'Design Age Better' shares how we can begin to collectively, collaboratively solve the design age puzzle. 'Demand Desirable Design' considers how we demand desirable design to piece together the future we want.