Dementia strategy for Scotland: Everyone's Story

Dementia in scotland everyone's story cover

The Dementia Strategy for Scotland is a 10-year vision for change. This strategy was developed in collaboration with people with lived experience and wider partners and is the culmination of eight months of engagement with people across Scotland, focusing on how delivery is improved.

The Scottish Government launched the National Dementia Strategy with the role of housing more firmly embedded in the document. This is a ten-year strategy and will be followed by a more detailed action plan before the end of the year. The action plan will be updated every two years.

It makes clear the importance of a shared vision that is owned by all of us working together to deliver a better experience for people living with dementia, their families and carers.

It sets out a vision for how life with dementia might be experienced and the policy, service and societal changes that are needed to support this. It describes what people living with dementia and their families have said about what they want and expect and ‘what good looks like’ as people progress through dementia.