Dementia Considerations and Links to Design

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This podcast with Alexander Fleming, National Health and Wellbeing Advisor at McCarthy Stone and Third Age Design looks at ‘Dementia Considerations and Links to Design’.

This podcast episode is devoted to design for dementia with a review of the FRIEDA model (opens new window) of dementia principles, and how it related to care facility interiors. Practical examples of how to apply theoretical principles to design implementation are discussed. Tribute is also paid to a unique care project which won Design Award for Best Specialist Dementia Design.

It also references the Housing for Ageing Population Panel for Innovation (HAPPI). The HAPPI principles are based on 10 key design criteria. Many are recognisable from good design generally – good light, ventilation, room to move around and good storage – but they have particular relevance to the spectrum of older persons’ housing which needs to both offer an attractive alternative to the family home, and to be able to adapt over time to meeting changing needs.