Commissioning Housing Support for health and wellbeing

This report commissioned by the Integrated Care Network explains what housing related support services are and the funding streams and national programmes they sit within. The role of housing related support in reducing the need for more costly services and meeting shared performance goals between health and local government is illustrated.

The purpose of this report is to help commissioners in health, local government and other public services to:

  • increase the positive impact of commissioning on the health and wellbeing of their local populations by addressing housing support in their strategies
  • most effectively meet relevant Public Service Agreement (PSA)targets by building on existing expertise and systems
  • increase joint working between health and local government and other sectors to achieve better services.

This publication has been commissioned by the Integrated Care Network (ICN) at the Care Services Improvement Partnership (CSIP), together with Communities and Local Government and the Department of Health (DH). It builds on the recent guide from the ICN 'A Practical Guide to Integrated Working.