Clinical Commissioning JIP Support Project - East of England - 14th Network Bulletin

This project on Clinical Commissioning has a particular focus on joint commissioning & partnership. The work stream is now led by Harold Bodmer, Norfolk's DASS.

The main themes are summarised above after my contact details and include knowledge transfer with clinical partners, Governance arrangements in the new world and Infrastructure to support partnership. The work fits with the national commissioning priorities; including clinical commissioning development & preparing for direct commissioning.

The intention is that the Bulletin should provide some assistance through sharing information and stimulating local dialogue.

Items in this edition include:

  • Health and Wellbeing Boards - national & regional updates
  • Consultation and Engagement with Clinical Commissioning Groups in developing the Essex Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy
  • Clinical Commissioning Group developments, including Commissioning Support
  • Healthwatch transition
  • Primary Care Commissioning
  • Public Health transition update
  • News from Erpho
  • The role of the DH Deputy Director
  • The EACH project update