COVID-19, Inequality and Older People: Developing Community-Centred Interventions


This report by the Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research into Ageing (MICRA) and Manchester Urban Ageing Research Group (MUARG) highlights the pressures on communities the challenges that face social networks in communities, as a result of Covid-19, and the effectiveness of activities that have taken place to address this, such as Mutual Aid groups.

The report details that long-term impact of a pandemic both affects the medical and social health of the populations that it affects. Further examined in the report is how community identities and interests can be mobilised in response to Covid-19.

This approach detailed as a three-fold process, as is laid out in the report:

  1. Conducting an overview of the economic and social context influencing the impact of COvid-19, with a focus on the effects on low-income neighbourhoods
  2. A review of the sociological research that examines changes to community life
  3. A set of proposals for generating a strategy for community engagement and mobilisation around limiting the impact of Covid-19