Bricks, Mortar and Policy Perspectives for Intergenerational Living

Cover Viewpoint 74

This Housing LIN Viewpoint no 74 is based on research published in "Bricks and Mortar Across Generations: A Think Piece on Intergenerational Living in the United Kingdom" in March 2015, and presented before the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Housing and Care for Older People in July 2015. In particular, it:

  • reveals that increasing life-expectancy and rising house prices as key drivers behind the rise in intergenerational living and reveals that for the so-called 'boomerang generation' (younger people who return to live with parents) intergenerational living is showing signs of becoming normalised; no longer a sign of failing to live up to the dream of independent living, and
  • explores the contours of policy and practice surrounding homes where two or more adult generations live under the same roof.

And finally, it presents the findings of interviews with policymakers, practitioners and thought leaders, and calls for a Commission on Intergenerational Housing.