Ageing: The Silver Lining - a report on the challenges and opportunities of an ageing population for local government

A report by the LGA Task and Finish Group on Ageing that sets out the increasing contribution to society and the economy older people can make through empowered local government and challenges the commonly-held belief that an ageing population is a burden.

It was established to explore the challenges and opportunities that an ageing population presents for local government and communities and the economic contribution that can be made from an increasingly older population.

For example, councils should be empowered to prepare for an ageing society and apply an 'ageing lens' to their local functions that will help councils understand what needs to be done to improve the quality of life of this growing segment of the population.

Chapter 4 looks at housing and neighbourhoods and provides a useful overview of what councils can undertake to demonstrate that the needs of older people are taken into account.