Active Ageing

There has been considerable research undertaken, particularly over the past decade, exploring the impacts of our ageing population – the health and social care costs this demographic shift will generate, the so called “loneliness epidemic” and the need for more age appropriate housing, to name a few.

However, physical inactivity – one of the key drivers of the physical and mental health challenges associated with later life, not to mention social isolation – remains underexplored and not consistently addressed.

Drawing on over 80 studies concerning physical activity, as well as the findings of a new survey of experiences and attitudes to physical activity among more than 1,000 people aged 55 and over commissioned by Anchor Hanover, this report explains:

• How inactivity is linked to a range of health problems and includes an estimate of some of the costs to individuals and wider society associated with this;

• The benefits of increased activity rates among older people;

• Lessons in overcoming the barriers to older people’s improved activity rates