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14.1 million people in the UK are disabled, but options for accessible bathrooms do not reflect this large market and are typically plastic and grey.

TV presenter and disability rights advocate, Sophie Morgan, along with many others, are tired of this second-rate design.

For those of us with access needs, so often, our homes are made to look and feel like hospitals, and personally, I’m over it. It’s time for an inclusion revolution!

Sophie Morgan, TV presenter 

In Collaboration with UK-based accessible design company, Fine & Able, Sophie calls for an “inclusion revolution” in the design of bathrooms for disabled people. She reveals this stunning accessible bathroom refurbishment before and after, showing that accessible design can also be beautiful.

Before the transformation, Sophie's wheelchair-accessible London flat was:

...functional and practical but clinical and basic. Before I moved in, the flat developers had installed a standard accessible wetroom; white plastic grab rails, a grey shower chair and grey flooring, which I assume met building regulations, but honestly, I was reminded of my time in hospital every time I used it!

Sophie Morgan, TV presenter 

As we have all found out from spending so much time at home because of Covid, the quality of our surroundings can have a massive impact on our mental wellbeing. For many older or disabled people, however, extended periods spent at home can be a regular occurrence, even without a global pandemic.

Fine & Able look a different approach; providing the option for Sophie to improve the accessibility and usability of her home without compromising style.

 We are showing the world that accessibility absolutely does not mean clinical. Our designers are all about creating designs that work brilliantly for our customers and bursting with colour and personality as well.

Fine & Able

Making accessible home improvements to your bathroom (known as future-proofing) is a smart investment for the future. With some clever layout and discreet removable products it’s possible to increase independence, safety and still look amazing. With more of us living longer, this is something that can help us to stay in our own homes happily and healthily.

Excitingly, designing for accessibility makes spaces work better for everyone. Taps that are easier to turn with limited grip strength, a level layout that is easy to move around and keep clean, and storage that doesn’t require awkward bending and stretching.  Something like a seat in a shower is helpful whether you need to sit to wash, have difficulties with balance or just want a spot to relax or shave your legs. These are things that benefit all.

After the transformation, Sophie’s new bathroom is now bursting with colour and personality. Key to the new look was more design-led products including matt black grab rails and brassware. Sophie also chose gorgeous rich green metro tiles laid in a herringbone style for a truly stunning finish. Fine & Able created the design, supplied the products, and installed everything.

Sophie’s favourite features include:

  • The basin with integrated hand grips that give extra support (and doubles as a handy towel rail!).
  • The taller height illuminated mirror that can be seen from seated or standing and offers soft and cool lighting options.
  • The bi-fold shower door that folds completely flat against the wall giving loads of space for her wheelchair.