A CollaborAGE Directory – Championing Communities

Do you know your cohousing from your community circles?

In this Housing LIN directory, we put the spotlight on models of collaboration in the development of age-friendly homes and sustainable communities during Local Area Coordination Week.

Drawing on the principles of the term ‘CollaborAGE’, coined by the Housing LIN, the aim of this online directory is to share provide some context of different approaches to community-led housing and coproduced care and to share examples of where existing and new homes meet the local needs of people at any age ensuring that they are well connected to their neighbourhood, neighbours and circles of support. These issues have a particular resonance due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The illustrated directory is structured around nine key elements in developing community-led housing; from engaging with the wider community or making the connection with health and wellbeing to building a community chest or embracing people as connectors. There are also real life examples that illustrate how people and organisations have taken different routes to reach the same destination and links to relevant resources to further enhance your learning and inspire you to co-produce and test out a range of ideas and approaches in your community.