Supporting people with profound and multiple learning disabilities: Core & essential service standards

Supporting people with profound and multiple learning disabilities cover

This joint publication by Choice Support, PMLD Link, Care Management Group and The Sensory Projects - outlines key objectives and principles that, it states, should be evident across all education, health, and social care services.

It states the ‘Standards’ should be adopted by commissioners and providers of services, ensuring families and other key stakeholders have awareness of these standards. It calls for widespread application of the Service Standards which it says should result in:

  • Consistently high standards of support, regardless of where the person lives and spends time.
  • Enhanced quality of life, and life opportunities for the person and his/her family.
  • Good physical and psychological wellbeing for the person, with access to specialist input as relevant to the person to maintain wellness.
  • Improved health outcomes, with a focus on 24-hour postural care management, minimisation of hospital admissions and promoting longevity of life.
  • Expressive and receptive communication being maximised with the person being supported.
  • Enhanced and meaningful social and community participation, access and inclusion.
  • Agencies and services working in partnership with the person and their family/advocates to ensure effective communication and working together in the person’s best interest at all times.
  •  A workforce that is competent and confident to deliver high quality care and support to individuals in a personalised manner, within organisations that are committed to people with profound and multiple learning disabilities.