Falls and fracture consensus statement: Supporting commissioning for prevention

Lois Beech 25/01/17 Health & wellbeing

Produced by Public Health England with the National Falls Prevention Coordination Group* (NFPBG) member organisations, this important document outlines interventions and approaches that the group recommends to local commissioners and strategic leads with a remit for falls, bone health and healthy ageing in England.

Care & Repair England is an active member of the NFPBG and has contributed information and evidence with regard to the role of the home environment and falls prevention. There are sections on healthy homes and references to the role of housing in the document.

The document includes useful data and extensive references to evidence/key reports to underpin its recommendations.

Following publication, the NFPBG* intend to initiate a programme of work to support local commissioning activity which will be underpinned by the commitments outlined in the Consensus Statement and to support a 'whole system' approach.