Developing trusted assessment schemes: essential elements

Lois Beech 02/08/17 Care & support

Trusted assessment is a key element of best practice in reducing delays to transfer of care between hospital and home.

This guide describes how local systems could implement trusted assessment in a variety of ways to effectively and safely reduce the numbers and waiting times of people awaiting discharge from hospital.

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Deborah Bell 02/08/17

Disabled Living has provided Trusted Assessor Training for the Provision of Low Level equipment for the past 10 years. The feedback we receive is very positive with accredited Trusted Assessors enhancing their roles at work. Instead of having to refer to Occupational Therapists for new equipment to be prescribed the time and money saved improved the quality of the persons life by assessing and prescribing low level equipment without waiting for another appointment. The trusted assessor fit's many different roles, from carers to driver fitters.
If any one wishes to discuss what the course learning Objectives are please do call Deborah Bell on 0161 607 8211

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