Tunstall provides Connected Care and Connected Health solutions that give people the freedom to lead as independent a life as they are able, secure in the knowledge that they are connected to the care they need, as and when they need it. We have been a trusted partner to housing, health and social care providers for almost sixty years, helping them to protect and empower the people they support.

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Innovations Centre

Tunstall Healthcare Group's global Innovations Centre provides a showcase to demonstrate how technology enabled care integrates into people's lives by creating a contemporary and comfortable space for consultation, collaboration and creation.


The Innovation Centre has been designed to help incubate, analyse and develop the best ideas from around the world. Tunstall use the Innovation Centre to investigate mainstream technologies, translating this learning into relevant technology for the Connected Care and Connected Health market. It features a range of zones including:

  • Integrated care
  • The Connected Home
  • The Development Room
  • App Bar
  • Workshop

"The concept of Connected Care and Connected Health incorporating IP and mobile technologies is an important part of the future for us all, and the Innovations Centre will help us create and evaluate new models of care and really make the art of the possible a reality."

Steve Sadler, Chief Technical Officer at Tunstall

Groundbreaking housing solutions

One of the many solutions available to explore is Communicall Vi IP (opens new window), the first IP housing communications system, which adds an extra dimension to housing with care by harnessing the power of digital to enhance the resident experience and set a new benchmark in technology enabled care.

Join the experience

The Innovations Centre provides a unique space to define human centred need and help accelerate the development and design process to evolve the next generation of digital connected healthcare, create new innovations and service models that genuinely meet the needs of housing providers, commissioners and consumers.

To join the experience, please email Innovations.Centre@tunstall.com

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