Dora House redevelopment St John's Wood, London

At C&C, we believe everyone should live an inspired life and everything we do supports that belief.

Our inspirational achievement is a celebration of our approach to building our brand, with our communities of staff, residents and professional supporters working together to find inspiring solutions.

Chapter videos

We are excited by the results our communities achieve together and will continue to develop our image as a reflection of how we see our communities: ambitious, aspirational, engaged, and inspiring. We appreciate and promote life beyond the age of 55 as a time to look forward to; a time to be fully inspired.

We have produced the first four 'chapters' in a nine part documentary about C&C's Dora House redevelopment. It explores key elements involved in a redevelopment, including how residents feel at different stages and work with us to find inspiring solutions. Thanks Housing LIN for showcasing.

We hope you enjoy watching each of the first four videos.

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