Dementia without Walls

Dementia without Walls: an inspiring programme of research and demonstration from Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) (opens new window)

JRF seeks to inspire social change. We want to help the UK to become a good place for those of us who have dementia to live, and live well.

Our 'Inspirational Achievement', Dementia without Walls (2012-2015), was built on numerous partnerships... with people affected by dementia themselves, with other foundations and funders, and with a range of other experts.

We have focused on challenging attitudes, inspiring local communities, and supporting the collective engagement of people with dementia.

Supporting dementia friendly communities

We want to inspire local communities, organisations and businesses to become more aware and understanding of dementia.

Through actively supporting projects and evaluations in Yorkshire, in the UK and across Europe, we have learnt a lot about what's important in creating dementia friendly communities.

We are keen to share the learning.


Supporting the collective voice of people with dementia

JRF has supported the Dementia Engagement and Empowerment Project (DEEP), which brings together groups of people with dementia from across the UK. By working together, they are enabling their voices to be heard at a higher level so they can change the attitudes, services and policies that affect their lives.


Thinking differently about dementia

We want to challenge ourselves and others on how we think (and talk) about dementia.

And we want to support the development of conceptual thinking around dementia - in research, in policy, in practice, and in the wider public discourse.


Dementia without Walls website

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