We're #ForAccessibleHomes, are you?

Accessible Design webpage

Too many disabled and older people are living in unsuitable housing, which can impact on their ability to live independently. We know that inclusive, accessible homes are great for everyone, allowing us to use our homes throughout our whole lives as our needs change.

In order to make sure that there are enough accessible homes for everyone who needs them, the Government, local authorities, planners, developers and communities all have their part to play to address the shortage of accessible homes.

That's why, every September, Habinteg run a week of action #ForAccessibleHomes (opens new window), to celebrate what an accessible home can do for people's wellbeing, independence and overall quality of life. This year, the Housing LIN would like feature the Accessible Design webpages, found here

The resources available on this page are split into three sections:

  • Lifetime Homes - resources about the financial, planning and market impact of Lifetime Homes and other related standards and guidance
  • Accessibility and adaptability - relevant papers on accessible and adaptable new and existing accommodation for older and disabled people, including Accessible Housing Registers
  • Case studies examples about accessibility and design standards in practice