This week’s HLINks: 27-31 July 2020

Jeremy talks….
Two hard-hitting reports out this week reveal both the health and care system failures of the handling of Covid and tragic results of the thousands of deaths of older adults in care homes, and also the impact of Covid on the health and wellbeing of 50-70 year olds. The first by the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee is highly critical of the initial decision to allow 25,000 untested elderly patients to be discharged from hospital into care homes and the years of neglect of the social care sector. It stated that this was an "appalling error". The second, a joint report by Ipsos Mori and the Centre for Ageing Better, captures the experience of lockdown among people in their 50s and 60s. Findings highlighted negative impacts such as on areas of mental & physical health as well as positive ones; for example, time with family, community involvement, time for reflection.

This week we also share two Covid retirement living-related guest blogs which, whilst highlighting different accounts of living in retirement housing, have a common bond in that they both address the way services have had to rapidly adjust in the light of the pandemic, turning the negatives into positives. The first, led by Hannah Humble at the University of Bristol, is on balconies and community space in extra care housing and how, with Coronavirus taking hold, they have utilised outdoor space to support community connectedness. The second, by Chris Barber, Central & Cecil Housing Trust's Resident Engagement Manager, showcases a variety of creative digital activities that have significantly helped their residents stay engaged, socially distanced but connected during lockdown.

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This week HLINks also includes:

  • a round-up of latest/updated Covid-19 resources and guidance relevant to the sector
  • our usual a round-up of news headlines and new resources on housing, ageing, design and technology, planning, health and care, calls for information
  • In association with Tetlow King Planning, the updated Older People’s Care Development – Local Development Plan Monitoring
  • Next week, we are looking forward to promoting the initial findings from the Appello/Housing LIN digital divide survey along with 2 further guest blogs. One on the value of homelessness and design housing for older people with Covid in mind.

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