Our A-List of New Year Wishes

Happy New Year! As we start 2019, we set out 5 essential A List wishes for the retirement housing sector.

  • Advice: Information - provide access to independent 'Help to Move' (opens new window) information and advice to enable more informed decision making on suitable housing options for older people
  • Availability: Planning - introduce new guidance and supply tools to assist local authorities plan strategically to meet the demand for 400,000 new homes for an ageing population by 2035
  • Affordability: Costs - encourage greater transparency on the living expenses (property and personal services related charges and fees) in for-profit and not-for-profit managed later life accommodation across all tenures
  • Accessibility: Grand designs - adopt the HAPPI principles (as a minimum) in the design quality and construction of attractive, technology-enabled accessible and adaptable age-friendly homes
  • Accountability: Code of Practice - support the case for a future Retirement Housing Act (as in New Zealand (opens new window)) that offers both consumer protection and meets operators' service expectations

We look forward to seeing how many of our A List wishes come true this year.

And on the B-word, take part in our survey on how you think Brexit will affect the the supported housing and housing with care sector. The deadline for your response is Friday, 11th January 2019.

Jeremy Porteus, Chief Executive, Housing LIN