New report on measuring and understanding housing affordability

The Affordable Housing Commission (opens new window) (AHC) has published its latest report, Defining and measuring housing affordability – an alternative approach’ (opens new window).  

Drawing on the AHC’s research and recent call for evidence, the report reveals that 4.8m households in England are facing ‘grave’ affordability problems. This represents over one in five (21%) of all households and almost 40% of those in the lower half of income distribution.

The new definition and measures of affordability (covering struggling renters, low income older households, struggling homeowners and frustrated first time buyers), focuses on what people can actually afford. As such it offers a clear alternative to the current ‘Affordable Rent’ model, which misleadingly relies on market rents and house prices.

Although the not primary focus of the report, it does include references to affordable housing for older people.