New Spotlight On Extra Care Video

Following on from our previous film examining the design of Extra Care facilities our new film in the Spotlight on Extra Care series looks at the provision of care in Extra Care Housing.  

Speaking to both providers and recipients of care this short film examines how Extra Care Housing provides a reabling approach to care delivery that allows many residents to improve skills and regain confidence and independence that may have been lost in a setting without support.

On-site care providers also discuss the satisfaction they receive from the job, as well as the personal bonds they build with residents, and how this can help ease the transition to a higher care need over time.

We would like to once again offer sincere thanks to those who supported this project through our crowdfunding campaign which has taken us around the country, visiting 20 schemes. We would also like to take the chance to thank ARCO, Appello, Care Support, Housing & Care 21, Optivo and West Kent Housing Association, who have all greatly helped in the production of these videos.