New PAC report finds vulnerable people are being increasingly provided with poor-quality supported housing

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A new report on supported housing from the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee (PAC) finds that vulnerable people are being left unprotected from unscrupulous providers and housed in poor-quality accommodation, with unsuitable or no additional support provided. The report finds a sector riddled with long-standing challenges, with the Government’s actions to improve matters falling far short.

The PAC’s inquiry was told of an increase in vulnerable people being housed in poor-quality accommodation, and the significant, detrimental impact of unsuitable or non-existent additional support. The report finds that the Government is hampered in efforts to improve the sector by a lack of reliable data, leaving it unable to assess or resolve problems with supported housing in an area where demand outstrips supply, leaving people without needed homes or support.

While recent legislation aims to bring in important reforms, the report warns that councils under severe financial pressure may struggle to take on these new duties under the law and that housing benefit fraud in supported housing is going largely unaddressed. The Government has two months to respond to the report and the six conclusions and recommendations the PAC make to address these long-standing issues.