National Disability Action Plan now out

Disability Action Plan image

Following last year’s consultation on its first National Disability Strategy, the government published its Disability Action Plan yesterday (05/02/24) detailing 32 recommendations it wants to take forward to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

The wide-ranging Action Plan covers 14 core themes seeking to improve the needs of disabled people. However, while it acknowledges the importance of an accessible environment, there is no specific mention of accessible housing or bringing forward the introduction of Part M4(2) as a minimum - equivalent to Lifetime Homes Standards. Similarly, measures about the adoption of assistive technology and reducing digital exclusion appear to have been removed.

You can also watch Lord Best (opens new window) asking the Government in Parliament yesterday when they plan to implement the new M4(2) - accessible and adaptable dwellings - standard for all. 

Furthermore, you can find out more about the oral evidence (opens new window) given at the DLUHC Committee hearing yesterday on Disabled People and the Housing Sector.