LGA Housing Advisers Programme - learning by examples

The Local Government Association's (LGA) Housing Advisers Programme is designed to support councils seeking to innovate in meeting the housing needs of their communities.

In 2019, the Housing LIN were appointed by the LGA to support several councils with transforming the housing, care and support choices for older and vulnerable adults and/or help plan to make improvements to their services.

Some of the participating local authorities have put together case studies on their experiences in undertaking the project and its impact for the benefit of sharing the learning across the sector. Here are 3 of the case studies by councils the Housing LIN has supported. They are: Greater Lincolnshire, Newcastle City Council and Torbay Council.

Greater Lincolnshire - Planning for and delivering to meet the housing needs of an ageing population (opens new window)

The Housing LIN worked with the ten local authorities in the Greater Lincolnshire partnership to develop an extensive evidence base in relation to the future housing needs and aspirations of older people and a delivery programme was created in response to this evidence.

Newcastle City Council - Housing support services for the elderly (opens new window)

The Housing LIN worked with Your Homes Newcastle to develop an evidence base in relation to the future requirements and expectations of older people for housing and support services.

Torbay Council - Supporting the elderly through housing (opens new window)

LGA housing adviser funding secured Housing LIN supporr to carry out qualitative research on the housing aspirations of older people in Torbay.

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