Improving Disability data in the UK

The ONS has published a range of data showing disabled people’s experience of different aspects of life in the UK. The fields include: housing, social participation and loneliness and wellbeing

With regard to the housing data the analysis is limited to people under 64yrs even though there are more disabled people over this age, for reasons described in the alert. Headline reported housing findings are:

  •  Disabled people in 2019 were less likely to own their own home, with 42.4% owning their own home, compared with 53.2% of non-disabled people.
  • 24.7% of disabled people in 2019 rented social housing, compared with 8.2% of non-disabled people.
  • Young disabled people in 2019 (ages 16 to 24 years) were less likely to live with their parents (67.6%) than young non-disabled people (73.1%), but this pattern reverses for ages 25 to 54 years.