HAPPI Hour - Independence Day: A look at independent living

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  • Informative, wide-ranging and relevant - thank you!
  • Some excellent examples of building complexes that meet many needs.
  • Great! Interesting world wide perspective.

This webinar can help explore questions, including:

  1. What is the scope of the Older People’s Housing Task Force and when is it due to report?
  2. How to design a campus-of-care (or integrated retirement community) for an ageing population that is inclusive?
  3. What makes ‘Seniors’ Housing work in Canada?
  4. Most older people want to stay in their communities and not be isolated, does a campus-of-care isolate older people from the greater community?


16:00  Zoom format – Sally Taylor-Ridgway, Communications and Events Officer, Host, Housing LIN ~ @HLINcomms (opens new window)

16:05  Welcome and introduction – Jeremy Porteus, CEO, Housing LIN ~ @HousingLIN (opens new window)

16:10 – Julienne Meyer, Chair of the Older People’s Housing Task Force and Professor Emerita of Nursing, Care for Older People, City University ~ @JulienneMeyer (opens new window)

16.30 – Brad Chase, Associate Principal at Arcadis Architects (Canada) ~ @Bradley Chase (opens new window) @ArcadisGlobal (opens new window)

16.50 – Audience Q&A

17:15 – Chair’s summary and close –  Jeremy Porteus, CEO, Housing LIN ~ @HousingLIN (opens new window)


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