HAPPI Hour - Embedding the TAPPI principles into our housing and care DNA

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In this FREE webinar, we will feature the works of the 6 TAPPI testbed sites, a Co-production Champion member, our research partners and project funder, The Dunhill Medical Trust. Join us as we reflect on the insights gained over the last 3 years and explore how these have shaped the sector’s agenda when creating technology-enables services, systems and projects that facilitate independent living.


15:00 – Zoom format
Sally Taylor-Ridgway, Communications and Membership Officer, Host, Housing LIN

15:05 – Welcome
Jeremy Porteus, CEO at Housing LIN 

15:10 – Chair's introduction and overview
Sarah Allport, Head of Communities and Governance at The Dunhill Medical Trust

15:15 – The Impact of Embedding the TAPPI Principles 

  • Roy Sandbach, Chair of the TAPPI Inquiry and 6 testbeds
  • Lynne Douglas, Chief Executive and Garry Baillie, BR24 Manager at Bield Housing and Care
  • Louise Lee, Head of Specialist Housing and Dan Rock, TAPPI TEC Project Officer at Platform Housing Group
  • Victoria Hiscocks, Head of Research and Development at Pobl Group
  • Lindsey Millen, Senior Commissioner, Technology Enabled Care, Adults Commissioning - TEC Advisor at Wiltshire Council

16:00 – Key Findings and Tools

  • Nathan Downing, Head of Advisory Services at TSA
  • Jolie Goodman, Associate at Co-production Works
  • Dr Gemma Burgess, Director and Dr Hannah Holmes, Research Associate at Cambridge Centre for Housing & Planning Research
  • Rowan Atkins, Freelance Writer and Jerome Billeter, Corporate Business Manager at Housing LIN

16:45 – Audience Q&A

17:00 – Event Close

The TAPPI Story, Findings and Tools

TAPPI aims to provide you with the knowledge and tools to improve the way technology is used to support people living independently.

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