HAPPI Hour - Age friendly housing

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The views shared in this webinar do not necessarily reflect the views of the Housing LIN.

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  • Brilliant! Great to get three different though converging perspectives providing such rich insight.
  • Wide ranging review of the challenges and opportunities associated with provision of housing suitable for an ageing population.
  • Great example of collaboration across the sector.


In collaboration with Lovell Later Living, this HAPPI Hour webinar shows their approach to age friendly housing and features insights from BNP Paribas on unlocking land to boost the supply of housing for people in later life. Following this, there are valuable insights from an exemplary age-friendly housing scheme presented by United St. Saviour’s Charity. These examples illustrate how this type of housing not only enhances the well-being of older adults but also fosters age-inclusive communities.



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Please note, the views shared in this webinar do not necessarily reflect the views of the Housing LIN.

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