Better Housing Choices for Older People, and People Who Need Support (Postponed)

Event date


This event has been put together by the Market Shaping and Commissioning Network on behalf of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) in the Eastern Region, is about working together to improve housing options for older people, and people of working age who use adult social care services. It will bring together key speakers from Housing, Planning, Public Health, Architects and Adult Social Care to explore the barriers, challenges and future opportunities for people who need specialised housing or support.

The event will give delegates an opportunity to:

  • hear from the President of ADASS about the priorities for the housing agenda regionally and nationally
  • understand how demographics and analysis of health needs can help us to plan healthy homes and communities
  • hear about how to design homes and the built environment for health and well-being
  • hear about the opportunities to address the needs of an ageing population through the Local Plan process
  • discuss and influence the future regional agenda on housing and health and well-being, and to explore opportunities for sharing information and for wider collaboration   

An agenda will follow shorlty. 

The event is aimed at housing and planning authorities (both unitary and two tier) as well as adult social care and health commissioners. There are up to 7 or -8 places available for each authority to ensure all the local perspectives are covered fully.

Cancellations, substitutions and transfers:

This is a free event. However, cancellations made less than 1 week before the event date or non-attendance on the day will be charge £100 plus VAT.