Ageing Better Report Launch: How HA's can reduce social isolation and loneliness

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About Ageing Better:

Ageing Better is a six-year, £78 million investment set up by the National Lottery Community Fund, the largest funder of community activity in the UK, to improve the lives of people aged over 50 by addressing social isolation and loneliness within local communities.

The programme aims to support people aged over 50 who are experiencing or at risk of social isolation and loneliness, so that they can lead more fulfilling lives, better connected to their communities.

Ageing Better partnerships are based in 14 locations across England from Torbay to Middlesbrough and the Isle of Wight to East Lindsey. Working with local people, charities, businesses, public sector services and voluntary groups, the Ageing Better partnerships are working to ensure that people aged 50 and over are:

  • less isolated and lonely
  • actively involved in their communities, with their views and participation valued more highly
  • more engaged in the design and delivery of services that improve their social connections
  • recognised for their positive contribution to society.

Age-friendly Communities Network:

Clarion Future’s longer-term aim is to set up a network of Housing Associations interested in collaborating and sharing learning on how we can create age-friendly communities.