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Nay Clarke 05/07/18 SHOP@ forum

Hi I am looking for some advice on how to set up my own supported lodgings home for 16+. I was a young carer growing up looking after my mother. I have also worked as a support woker
In children's homes and I am now a supported lodging provider for me local council. I am 28 years old and really keen to get started. I have read endless pages online looking for advice I've also spoke with support workers and the council however I am getting know where. Any advice will be much appreciated. TIA

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Marie St-Mart 10/07/18

Hi Nay,

Is it correct to say that you are already offering supported living services but to your local council and that you want to start offering supported living service as a private provider?

I'm afraid the council or support workers do not know about how to start a supported living business they only deal with finding the appropriate supported living providers for what the service user need.

I work in the community and assist with finding appropriate supported living providers for young people from 16-18+ and up and know what guidance and regulations document you need to put in place please feel free to email me.

my email address is [log in to view email address] if you would like more advice.